Wow ptr patch 2.3

Troll Berserking reduced to 10 Haste for 12 seconds (was 15 Haste for 10 seconds).
When targets afflicted by your Festering Wound are healed, you are also healed for 10 of dll by oarcle forms 6i the amount.Mythic and PvP Islands now reward 350 Artifact Power (was 300 and PvP Islands now award 50 Conquest on a win (was 8).Shiv now costs 35 Energy, and now applies Deadly, Wound, and Crippling Poison to the target.Pick up your first quest to head to Gnomeregan from Radek Fuselock in Dazaralor or Tizzy Gearjolt dvd nl subs seriesen in Boralus.Rewards for in-progress emissary quests may reroll or update when Season 2 begins; the quests themselves wont reset or change.Sacrificed Souls additional damage per demon reduced to 4 (was 5).
Icefury now generates 25 Maelstrom (was 15 overload generates 12 Maelstrom (was 8 now causes your next 4 Frost Shocks to generate 8 Maelstrom, and bonus damage increased to 200 (was 100).
Holy Holy Paladin spells and visuals have been updated.
That is definitely part of it, and having enough health to survive mechanics is important, but it is not the whole story.
Players in the top.1 at the end of Season 2 in this bracket will earn the Sinister Gladiator title.
Added new World Quests and additional zones: Arathi Highlands and Darkshore.
Versatility, versatility increases all your damage and healing done (including.Completing an Island Expedition at a higher difficulty increases the chance of receiving these bonus rewards.For Protection Warriors, the value of each stat is very close together.Disengage can now be used while using Rapid Fire without breaking the channel.Touch of Karma damage redirected is now 70 of absorbed damage (was 100 of absorbed damage).Priest Focused Will now stacks to a maximum of 1 port locker v.2.0.22 serials key keygen (was 2).

Fixed issues that could prevent groups from using the Premade Group Finder to form or backfill groups for Timewalking raids.
Hailstorm damage increased.