Two worlds v1.1 patch

Adjusted a small number of text references and menu options for the VIP Pack, which should be referred to as the Free Car Pack for.
Console Cheat Commands: Activate cheat console commands by opening heart of iron 2 doomsday patch the Console and typing: "TwoWorldsCheats 1 addGold X - Adds Gold where xxxx is the amount of gold added.
Resolved an issue which would occasionally prevent the World Tour tetras from spinning within the front end.Resolved an issue which could lead to some vehicle cards flickering within the front end vehicle select screens.The user can now set button configurations to span multiple devices; previously a bug would cause these settings to be lost upon game restart.With these codes you can unlock all the 5 Bonus Items.Corrected a rare issue with online staggered start team events which could lead to incorrect team scoring.AddSkillPoints X - Adds Skill Points, manual motor honda biz X is the number of skill points added.After you entered the Codes, the item will fall to your feet.Inclusion of a benchmarking utility, simplifying the process of gathering performance statistics.Remember to enter the Cheat exactly as given with "BonusCode" and a space infront of the code: Bonuscode Armor of Darkness.Fixed an issue which lead to the drivers hands clipping when in the interior camera brace position.Various stability fixes, patch version.02.Bonuscode Spear of Destiny.Correction to particle behaviour during high speed collisions, avoiding any instances of them spawning in the wrong direction.
UI elements are no longer incorrectly displayed in Gymkhana.
Corrected an issue which could, in rare circumstances, prevent the display from rendering in the event of 16xcsaa being selected.
Fixed a soft lock when removing the Ethernet cable on some screens during a LAN session.
Fixed an issue which will occasionally cause the green infected effect to be applied to the players car during loading between Outbreak events.Improvements to input system, supporting multi-device action maps.Reset line corrections to prevent potential out of world or driving into crowd issues on several tracks.M/live/PC/DownloadClient, patch version.01, time of day and weather options are now correctly saved within Jam Session save/restore slots.Adjusted head camera configuration to avoid excessive vibration effects when VSync is disabled.Jump2 - Transports player to where mouse is pointing.Bonuscode Great Shield of Yatolen.Minor corrections to track boundary and reset lines.Battersea Compound Parking Lot environment updated to ensure that smash blocks are always present.Every Code can only be taken once per Game.To enter the Codes just open the console by pressing and enter the following codes.Fixed two graphics issues which could lead to a crash when changing resolution or resizing commentary on the torah richard elliott friedman.pdf the windowed game to a height of 0 pixels.Steering wheel no longer jolts to the left in the race reward screen.