Top spin 2 games

Every shot other than the safe shot requires precise timing to get right.
Custom athletes are also available, with an assortment of clothing and appearance options as well as special taunts to express their happiness or frustration during the match.
As you take part in different training honda crv manual 2013 indonesia harga exercises with your coach you'll earn more stars.April 20, 2006, timing Issues 2:14, april 20, 2006, on another surface.You can also build your own custom tournament, which lets you choose the number of both real and AI players involved, the venue, and the name of the event.As potent as they can be, though, risk shots are usually worth taking only during your first serve, when you have a free pass to hit the net.Additionally, Top Spin 2 includes Xbox Live support for up to four players, though the match options are pretty bland and include only the most basic match types.
You'd think that a PC game would take full advantage of all the hard drive space and RAM that modern software billing karaoke crack desktops have to minimize this.
Additionally, you can only play online ranked matches with a custom tennis pro, which means you'll have to spend a lot of time in the career mode if you intend to compete seriously online.
This mode includes a game that blends block-out with tennis, and another one where you use tennis balls to cover your opponent's court with paint.
This means you'll have to learn how to pull off these shots during matches, so it'll be a baptism by fire.
It can take some getting used to, but it's definitely preferable to playing on the back side of the court.
As you go through your career you'll gain and lose sponsors, establish rivalries with AI players, and go from being a "Young Gun" to a "Tennis Legend.".First comes several training rounds with the coach, who will teach players everything then need to know about controlling their character, serving, and returning the ball in TOP spin.The variety of training games you'll encounter over the course of your career has increased since the first Top Spin, and it's a change that helps make the career mode here much more compelling-while training has been a little tedious in the past, the variety.Most impressive, though, is the animation.Flash, Shockwave or, unity Player to play the game.I admit, I'm not a very good tennis player, but I found it exceptionally difficult to win any matches in career mode without spending a lot of time training my character and earning more stars.So, if you only want to step onto the court when it looks like you might lose otherwise, Top Spin 2 makes it possible.This makes no sense because the Xbox 360 version of the game is HD compatible and fully supports a 16:9 aspect ratio.You've got levels to go up, you earn cash from your matches for new clothes and gear, and you get better coaches to help you gain mastery of different aspects of the game.While a few of the transitions can be a touch abrupt, most player movement is incredibly smooth and believable.There's kind of an "uncanny valley" thing going on with the facial features.A lot of the impressive stuff in Top Spin 2 is subtle, like the way players shift their center of gravity after planting their feet and winding up for a swing, but it's the kind of detail that sells the experience without your knowing.