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Chapter VI, generating Nerve-Force 17, chapter VII, d i s t r i b u t i n g N e r v e- F o r c e 21, chapter viii.
If not, reread the above paragraph, several times, until you fully grasp the importance of the statements therein contained for they comprise exactly on e-half of the philosophy of nerve-force generation and much more besides if you are able to grasp.You have but to consider the subject for a moment, to see that when you are frightened or angry, you breathe with a different rhythm than when you are calm and peaceful.Now, remember, that I am not claiming that physical nerve-force alone constitutes personal magnetism.Such attempts at definition cause only a smile on the face of the wise.But, you may say, the belief of the child does not enable him to reach the moon.
Thats right, you get your feelings talking to you in trance!
You will also become aware of the healing and strengthening effect of your magnetism upon delicate and sick persons who come in contact with you.
Papal Magic: Occult Practices Within the Catholic Church.Appear comfortable even when you aren't!Chapter IV The Physical Phase The physical phase of personal magnetism depends cara update driverpack solution 13 upon two coordinated manifestations of nerveforce, as follows: controls all physical movements, and yet, at the same time, appears to be something higher than physical itself.But, is this true even of electricity?Get in earnest about it, and the power will develop in you to bring about success.The - 23 - tensing system of calisthenics is taught for the purpose of exercising the muscles only this and nothing more.Home Religion related Esoteric, Magic Author:, Date:, Views: Pages isbn: PDF.3.Let nature proceed to make the process instinctive, and do not fall into the mistake of pulling up the roots of our plant in order to see whether it has grown overnight.

This may prove a little difficult at first, but a little practice will make perfect.
The atmosphere is charged with nerveforce, which is taken up and absorbed by the nervous system, and stored away in its great reservoirs, from whence, in turn, it flows over the nerves when required, by the physical or mental needs of the individual.
You actually felt the power coming from them.