Project igi game cheats codes for pc

Here, you'll see two rooms, in the first room you'll find Medipack and in the second room you'll find Desert Eagle.
Ground Safe: Submitted by: waqar ZEB MY E-mail addresses: In 10th mission when you defend Priboi after opening the gate and reach the village killed 8 soldiers by hiding yourself near Priboi then by help of M16 A2 gun grenades destroy the 4 soldiers run.
Project IGI is one of the best games in the world.
(it works, which is quit easier than natural) Helicopter Crash: In boarder crossing get perry mason the case of the velvet claws pdf past the first complex and carry on down the road it should say that there is a helicopter on its way get to a safe place and when its out.Now copy the file cevillian.3)Go to the one of the computer and press and hold activate key until the process is over.Code: Effect: makemeinvisible become invisible Sorry, to fulfil this stp to pdf convert action you have to be CheatsGuru User Moshi Monsters cheats, Android Plants.Now u can easily move out of the base.Get his gun and use the scope to find all the camers.When you start a game with these modified behaviour files, the enemies in the game act and behave like civilians.King's Bounty: Armored Princess, king's Bounty: Warriors of the North.Th level There are two areas in 6th level.Open Medipack in hex editor which you like(I like neo)There will be ammo_ID_medipack change it to ammo_ID_dragunov then save it then open dragunov There will be ammo_ID_dragunov change it to ammo_ID_medipack then save it then run to the game you kill the guy standing.There you'll see two rooms with shutters as their gate.AK47" now save ain open the APC folder you will get weapon.4) In mission "Re-supply" "Border Crossing" If u manage to get on mountains the Tanks don't fire accurately But be careful about Land Mines and Helicopters.But I have also found 100 ammo of Medipack in the last room of this level.World of Battles: Morningstar, borderlands 2, scourge Of Armagon.
Then start the game then enemy's willnot shout you or kill you, If thay see you than thay will run away like civlian.
Interchange the folders names of AK47 and coltanaconda OR/AND.
Behind both trucks, you'll see two rooms with shutters, in 1st room, you'll find M16 A2 and its Grenades(at the same place where you find M16 A2 Grenade in 9th level).Now we have 6 cheats in our list, which includes 6 cheats codes.It situated in the two room before the fan room behind the crates where two guard standing at the gates, in other words when you reach the lift where ekk is escaping to the bomb room.Ekk has same amount of energy as the Jones of IGI 2 has.They will never finish.Th level As soon as you enter Ammunition Storage through Main Gate, you'll see two trucks.5) Again in "Border Crossing" after the helicopter flys Away shoot as many soldiers in the vicinity using the sniper And then climb the wire fence (using shift when u approach it) Collect the Law in the next building blast the tank from far.If you shoot someone and a camera sees it, the alarm will sound and your goose is cooked.Now copy all.qvm files to this directory.Qvm delete all the other files Except settings Copy this file(civillian) paste it there w rename it guard now again copy the civillian file and rename it patrol You have to actually make multiple copies of the civillian file and rename it to all the.Before I told you from where to find Minimi, I would like to ask a question and my question is - how many medipack ammo we get in this level untill we complete this?I think you might be able to find minimi in the 1st level (in the large warehouse near water tower).One I had already mentioned.

Move out of the elevator, turn left.