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Spiders, monitor pings may be to blame.
Warning: Office was not designed, and is not safe, for unattended execution on a server.There are free and commercial options, for multiple platforms.He also offers an Eclipse plug-in version of QuickREx as well (also offered at m ) RegexBuddy, a commercial tool, Windows only Regex Coach RegexMagic, a commercial tool, Windows only RegExr, a free web-based tool RegexWidget, a free MacOS widget from Rob Rohan RETester,.Org/ The following seem defunct (dead, or not updated in several years bluApple (bluapple.New Relic Infrastructure, commercial hosted service(replaces former New Relic "Server" service) Pandora FMS, open source, multiplatform process Traffic Monitor, free, for Windows (from ManageEngine) prtg Network Monitor, free and commercial, for Windows Process Hacker, free, for Windows (task manager alternative) Process Explorer (procexp free, for.Can monitor across operating systems ServerSentinel, commercial, for Windows slcheck.(See the previous category for tools to test page performance from within your browser.) See also related subcategories in the introduction to the broader category above.(Last updated in 2017, per a check in Oct 2017.) For more on using Java filters with cfml, see my Feb 2003 cfdj article, " Fun with Filters ".CFArgument, a tag whose main job is to support datatype checking of variables passed to CFC methods and user defined functions.Available commercial edition, listed above MiniSQL (aka, "msql Unix-based with available ports for Windows, MacOS, from Hughes Technologies (with free licenses for schools, charities, etc.) MySQL, multi-platform (also has free Community editions, listed above) OpenBase, multi-platform Oracle, multi-platform, from Oracle (also free in Express edition.The following seem defunct: SecureIIS Stingray Application Firewall (ml) See other alternatives, as well as this Web Application Firewall Evaluation Criteria from the Web Application Security Consortium (which discusses both web server-based and hardware firewalls) See also URL Rewriting Tools, many of which add specific.In some cases, the presenter must install something extra.Org SeedWiki (m) I welcome additions/corrections/feedback Code Sharing/Pastebin Tools link Following are free services which allow developers to share code snippets with each other.Can't be an ultimate compendium in every category.
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Following are the subcategories offered: Error Handling Tools (written in cfml) link The following are tools/projects to help manage errors, which are written in cfml.
As long as there was a working site tai karafun editor full crack (or some relatively recent site talking about it, even if a third party I list. CF_Accelerate (m?modeentry entry963 CF_HyperCache (m/pcms Hypercache CF_TurboCache (m cfmemcached (cfmemcached.
How often do you see a question asked on a list, "does anyone know where I can find cfml resources about xxx", or "what tools are available to do yyy?".I welcome additions/corrections/feedback cfml Application-level Security/Web Application Firewall (WAF) Tools link These are solutions that you might implement in your m file, or the onrequeststart method.Again, sure, some browsers include such a feature, but some want notification by email (Useful to watch this site, until I get an RSS Feed on it!) ChangeDetect, free and commercial (free for 5 weekly checks: signup requires mailing address.Advanced Query Builder, free and commercial, from EMS.Some also offer profiling, meaning an ability to see not just some but all currently running queries, including details about the query such as an explain plan.CF4em, open source, from Bobby Hartsfield (last updated in 2011, per a check in Nov 2017) CF Forum, commercial (no "last updated" info, but system requirements list.0.1, per a check in Nov 2017) Galleon, open source, from Ray Camden (last updated in 2013.Link Checking Tools link The following tools can check your site or a page for the validity of hyperlinks.Sure, it's always there, but it's rather anemic in its search functionality, and offers no monitoring features RegFileExport, free, for Windows (from NirSoft).Following are the subcategories offered: Text/File/Dir Comparison/Merge Tools link Following are tools that can compare text, file, and directory comparisons and merging.Check out each to observe what it does, how it works, and whether it may be of value for your skill level.If you're in need of urgent assistance, you can get direct help from folks focused on providing such troubleshooting assistance.

With associated twitter account m ( showing current jobs as of a check in Oct 2018 free to post or apply for jobs (also available as a twitter feed, and a Facebook page ) ColdFusion Jobs Resource Facebook group ( showing current jobs.
As always, I am grateful for feedback and would change any misinformation immediately.) Most hosts offer a choice of either shared, private/dedicated, or virtual private servers (VPS).
CF 8 added SSL/TLS support to cfmail, while CF9 added cfmap, to name a few key mail improvements.