Electronic interactive manual technical

electronic interactive manual technical

One questionnaire found that 90 of the technicians preferred electronic manuals and found them easier to use.
The evaluation methods used service manual for 1995 honda civic are felt to be particularly useful for future developers of industrial hypermedia information systems.The cleaning sub-task should be in Tool Change task, not in Jog Machine solidworks 2013 sp3 keygen crack task.The secondary aim of the system was to improve training, so additional questions were designed to evaluate the impact of the system on training.Unlike the PDF version of the manual each step is accompanied by a video clip describing how that step should be carried out.Studies of the use of ietms in the US military have shown significant benefits such as 50 reductions in mean time to repair and 40 increase in maintenance accuracy (replacing the correct components during fault diagnosis while other benefits include the familiar paperless documentation benefits.Ietms came into widespread use in the 1990s as huge technical documentation projects for the aircraft and defense industries.Ietms are not available for all FRC products.
Class 6 - A network model database was used.
DQ3 The program data is at an appropriate level of detail and sufficient for my tasks.
According to TAM theory, the results suggest that if a system like the pilot system were deployed, it would actually be used by factory workers.
I found the system quite slow at first but it became easier with more experience.
Due to the ubiquity and consequent low cost of web technologies, and it was decided early in the project to use a web browser to access electronic content.Each of these flowcharts is linked to information on failure modes, causes of failure and corrective actions necessary.Macromedia Flash Player version 9 is required to view the ietm.Despite these claimed benefits, any investment in electronic documentation technology is unlikely to be cost effective if users are not satisfied.The personnel responsible for the manual processes are supported by a wide range of documents originating from various functions within the organisation.It could be linked more closely to the machine tool so that error messages from the machine controller might automatically trigger the display of a relevant content at the kiosk.Banner areas for static or cycled graphics.Everything at finger tips.With the introduction of computer technology it was theorized that moving technical manuals to an electronic format would obtain a cost savings, allow better integration with other logistics systems and improve usability of the technical material.For this research, it was decided to design a questionnaire to evaluate perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use and the one factor from TTF theory that was considered key to success of the application, namely data quality.TPC theory claims that for an information technology to have a positive impact on individual performance, the technology must be both utilised and be a good fit with the tasks it supports.Research was performed in the 1970s and 1980s by all branches of the US military to obtain information on what the goals should be for the electronic technical manuals.(2005 ml (accessed 2nd February 2005).