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For this, he draws on the Jewish exegetical tradition, but also on literature, anthropology, psychology, and on plain old common sense.more.
For this, he draws on the Jewish exegetical trad.
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The Torah's stories have been observed to be rich in background, as opposed to, for example, the epic poems of Homer.This conception, which informs all of biblical narrative, did n ot necessarily have to be developed at the very beginning of the story, but it was.One could learn no more about this God by contemplating the sea than by contemplating grain, sky, or anything else.The something that you lose-depth-is one of the essential qualities of the Torah.The literary point is that this had the effect of producing a text that was rich in background: every event carries the weight of everything that comes before.Questia is operated by, cengage Learning.
On animal sacrifices, or on the ten plagues, or on Divine wrath.
That is fine, but it is not the way of the Torah.
One never finds out what God is, but rather what God does-and what God says.
Who Wrote the Bible and, the Hidden Face of God ).
You can read the account of the binding of Isaac without being aware of the account of the creation or the account of the covenant between God and Abraham, but you lose something.
Michael Joseph Gross (retrieved from Amazon Thu, 18:10:27 -0400) ( see all 2 descriptions ).To know Yamm, contemplate the sea.If one wanted to know the essence of Shamash, the thing to do was to contemplate the sun.The story's focus will continue to narrow: from the universe to the earth to humankind to specific lands and peoples to a single family.The Torah's accounts are the first human attempts to recount history.To comprehend what happens in the exodus and in the revelation at Sinai, you have to know what has happened in Genesis.But the texts of the Torah are the first texts on earth known to do this.The first portion initiates the historical flow of the Torah (and of the entire Tanakh).By Friedman, Richard Elliott, tHE first portion OF THE torah haouble role: it conveys its own story, and it sets the context of the entire Torah.This textual organization, combined with Friedman's relentless focus on the text's meaning for faithful lay readers, makes his.