Call of duty black ops patch 1.13 ps3

call of duty black ops patch 1.13 ps3

Fixed a crash that could occur when a player picked up a Nuke while having an active Special Weapon.
Tactical Rifles Auger DMR Increased ADS move speed.
Signature Weapon Support Signature Weapons now available for customization in the Zombies Armory.No longer provides fire or radiation resistance.Tactical Rifles Auger DMR Improved ADS move speed.Here is all the detail on this new update.This means that while players wont necessarily rank up faster than before, there are now more opportunities to earn Merits without placing in the top 15 in Solos or top 10 in Duos.Cosmic Silverback now available for Black Ops Pass holders.Fixed an issue where the bleed-out countdown would not stop when a player was being optio s5i update 1.00 driver revived.Fixed an issue that would prevent a player from being able to pick up an item from a Stash that they selected.Increased health regeneration rate of Strike Team members.Reduced flinch resistance when being hit.Increased flinch when being hit.Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game.Console only Dual Wield Operator Mod: Reduced max damage range from.1 yards.3 yards.
Koshka Improved ADS sway.
Drone Squad Improved damage.
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ABR 223 Increased ADS move speed.
45 cal ammo item amount increased to 50 on pickup.
The Dying Wish cooldown meter would not be visible if the player acquired the Perk again with Perk Up or Secret Sauce.
Reduced 1st shot recoil.Console only Quickdraw 2 : Improved ADS-in speed.Addressed an error that could occur when a player viewed a Gauntlet in Theater mode.Special Issue Equipment: Hawk Pilotable drone that can be parked at strategic overwatch positions.Submachine Guns MX9 Improved 5 hit kill range from.5 yards.6 yards.COD BO4 update.13 reduced base move speed (now the same as other SMGs).

Fixed an issue where Create-a-Class slots unlocked through Prestiging would have non-functional Equipment slots.
Newer files are on the first 4 download mirrors, older files can be found on the other download mirrors.
Miscellaneous General Players can now change stances when flashed or concussed.