Black ops patch 1.13 pc

Round score limit increased to 150.
This new patch update includes fixes for both the registration key for winzip 11.1 gameplay and mod tools.Server: addressed an issue realtek alc658/alc850 ac'97 audio codecs driver in which some playlist settings could be ignored if sv_maprotation is too long.Event Blightfather event enabled in all playlists.These night map variants will be re-introduced in a future update.Treyarch also confirms that they're aware of an issue with Aim Assist and Deadshot Dealer not working as intended in Zombies and Death Stashes being bugged in Blackout.Addressed an issue with saving an EFX in Effects Editor.Fixed a rare issue with Recent Games not showing the correct heat map.Maps Temporarily replaced Seaside Sunset and Firing Range Night with standard daytime versions in map rotation to accommodate playlist updates.We have listed below the complete patch note, check it out: PC Patch.13, addressed a crash for players with more than 250 Friends.Patch.08 brought a host of new changes to Black Ops 4 on December 3, but those changes only went live for PlayStation and Xbox One players.See below for the Chaos Dom rules in the patch notes.(Launching September 22nd!) (PS3 only).
Create-a-Class Addressed an issue that caused the left navigation arrow to be missing for Custom Classes.
Fixed several map exploits, various stability improvements, mODS: Server Browser now truncates modded game types that are longer than four characters in the mode column.
Fixed an issue where the wrong static reflection could cause some surfaces to appear with improper lighting.
Featured Playlists, tDM 85 added to Featured.
TDM 85, Chaos Domination, and Safeguard on all platforms in Featured.PC players will now be able to experience all that the.08 patch has to offer, while Multiplayer Featured Playlists have been updated for all platforms.Added Rezurrection DLC support.Miscellaneous, addressed an issue that could cause players to receive an error after pressing the Deploy button in the Blackout lobby.The following updates are live in the game on PC today, including the changes above and in this weeks global.08 update, in version 265.44(57).12.0.x.0.24825 : Mantle Added an option to change Jump/Mantle keybind to only mantle on Second Press.Both Xbox One and PC players will also be gaining access to Safeguard, the new Multiplayer mode, along with new features for Blackout.Mod tools patch notes: Improved AMD/ATI graphics card support in Effects Editor.Todays update delivers our,.08 title update featuring PC-exclusive changes, as well as the debut.

Prohibited clan tags can no longer be used.
Miscellaneous, addressed an issue that prevented players from equipping Warpaints.
Miscellaneous, addressed an issue where the game could freeze when a player inspected their Player Card immediately after entering a lobby.