Averdvr eb1004 bak manual

Best of all, unlike tape which degrades as it is used over and over again, digital storage remains the same high-quality day after day.
This DVR is just like a normal VCR.We have the perfect digital surveillance systems that offer remote monitoring, digital recording, multi-camera display more. .CFB2010WA KTL B W 420LNS.2MM 170 FOV CFC2010WA KTL color 350LNS.2MM 170 FOV CFB6006ST KTL B W 380LNS.3MM CFB6002ST KTL B W 420LNS 4MM W/sunshield CFB6021EX KTL B W 420LNS.6MM.0003LUX sony exview CFC6005ST KTL color 350LNS 6MM.0LUX CFC2001ST KTL.Achieve up to 480 frames per second now with new hardware-compression video capture cards it works as a real time digital recording system and allows you to capture true color images and videos from 4 to 16 cameras simultaneously.It can handle one channel of audio, and has an ieee-1394 (FireWire) interface for external storage. .The EVR comes in both 240 and 480 frames per second models (up to 30 FPS per camera). .As PC technology improves The camera servers software can be upgraded as new features become available The camera server automatically adjusts its time for Daylight Savings without human intervention The camera server is built locally as it is ordered and rigorously tested before installed.This capacity to support a large volume of cameras while delivering excellent image quality qualifies EVR recorders for enterprise class organizations, government agencies, multi-site businesses and other high-security recording applications.Alarm Messages: Fax/Pagers/Phone/Email, remote access Browser/Software, masking blank zones under recording mode.It is easy to backup, playback, search, and edit. .Call option 2 if you need assistance with either one.Monitor your business employees.
We recognize the importance of schools, government agencies, and non-profit organizations in the community.
All prices listed are suggested retail only. .
Hard drive capacities are available in 120GB, 240GB, 360GB, 480GB, 640GB, 800GB, 960GB, 1250GB and 1500GB configurations. .
We have both a standalone and network-ready version available. .It includes a CD-RW drive and RS-485 PTZ adapter. .CVB1005ST KTL B W smoke detector 420LNS.6MM.2LUX CVB1027HW KTL B W smoke detector 420LNS.3MM.05LUX CVC1005ST KTL color detector 330LNS.6MM.6LUX CVC1027HW KTL color detector 380LNS.7MM.5LUX CVB1000SH KTL B W sprinkler head 420LNS.3MM.05LUX CVC1000SH KTL color sprinkler.The EVR is available in 8, 16, and 32 channel configurations. .Over 15 Billion annually.DVR9 DVR16, Standalone Networkable This powerful DVR from KTL comes in both 9 and 16 channel models. .4 video inputs 1 composite output Supports two hard drives (up to 500GB) Motion detection recording Frame rate per channel 30 per second Video search by date, time or event Playback and backup on Windows 2000/XP Base Configuration: 80GB IDE drive See our complete line.Multi-tasking: recording/playback, backup Device: Disk Array/Tape/CD/ZIP Drive 4-16 audio channels recording Audio video recording in synchronization Image Resolution: 320X240 or 640X480 pixels Alarm Messages: Fax/Pagers/Phone/Email Remote access Browser/Software holding their own pdf Masking blank zones under recording mode Access control protected by passwords POS system integration with video images.It comes in both 9 and 16 channel models. .Front panel buttons are easy to get along with, and the Remote Controller increases convenience and feasibility.It features one of the industrys most fault tolerant designs with redundant, field replaceable dual power supplies, maximum air flow dynamics, internal raid 5 compatibility and field-upgradeable hard drives. .Multi-tasking: recording/playback, backup Device: Disk Array/Tape/CD/ZIP Drive 8 audio channels recording, audio video recording in synchronization.It has an Ethernet port, USB port and web server built-in for easy remote access. .

Just inform us of your particular needs Plus check out our Panasonic Networkable cameras System Software Documentation Why Select A Camera Server Over A Standard DVR.
It also supports resolutions as high as 720x480 with up to 16 channels of audio.
Grand Island, pDF files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader click icon to download, welcome.