Spider's sunny patch friends

She sings well, but not as naturally as Snowdrop.
He is good friends with Squirt.
Stars: Kristin Davis, Rebecca Brenner, Scott Beaudin.
Russian (Dolby AC3, 2 ch vTS_02 : Play Length: 00:47:41, video: PAL 16:9 (720x576) VBR, Auto Letterboxed.He is the eldest of the Spider children and often assumes the role of an antagonist, especially towards Squirt.Dates) First aired Last aired 1 13 September 7, 2004 May 2, 2005 2 13 December 10, 2004 March 21, 2006 3 17 March 22, 2006 October 26, 2008 Production The series was first announced on December 17, 2003, as part of a Callaway Arts Entertainment press release.Supporting, holley (voiced by, robert Smith ) He is Miss Spider's husband.Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids.The series originally aired.She is one of Miss Spider and Holley's adoptive children.Main, miss Spider (voiced by, kristin Davis ) Like three of her children, Miss Spider is an adoptee, adopted by Betty Beetle when she could not find her biological mother.Her distinguishing feature is a green bow on her head.Watch, miss Spiders Sunny Patch Friends (2004 ) full episodes online, synopsis: A young green spider named Squirt one of the many children of the caring game transformers 2 pc indowebster arachnid, Miss Spider experiences life from a bugs perspective.More infor: imdb, Wikipedia.Ned (voiced by Jonathon Wilson) and Ted (voiced by Philip Williams) A pair of red ant brothers.Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends (sometimes shortened to, sunny Patch ) is a Canadian-British children's television series based on the children's books.Lily - A grown-up ladybug.squirt (voiced by Scott Beaudin) A curious and adventurous green spider, Squirt is considered to be the leader of the children and as such, more stories center around his character than any other.
The series' final episodes did not air in the United States until 2008 when several episodes which had yet to be broadcast in America were aired on Noggin.
He has a special thinking stone where he makes decisions.
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Teletoon in Canada and, nickelodeon in the United States.
Shimmer (voiced by Rebecca Brenner) A pink jewel beetle with an interest in sports and games, Shimmer is different from the rest of the family as she has abilities the others do not (such as heat sensors).Everyone also helped her catch up with her flock of butterflies during the cold winter.Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends.Mitchell Eisner ) A purple dragonfly and one of Miss Spider and Holley's adoptive children.His dastardliness is over the top and completely laughable.He and Dragon have been "best bug buddies" ever since they met because of their similar experiences regarding their original families.Felix A frog who was introduced in the three-part special "A Froggy Day in Sunny Patch." Felix longed to be a bug himself and refuses to eat bugs, as he does not find them tasty.Spinner (voiced by Austin Di Iulio in seasons 1-2 and.

Wiggle (voiced by Marc McMulkin ) A blue spider who tends to be the worrier of the group, and is quite emotional.