Hoover oph616 user guide

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These fault codes for Hoover Optima (OPH) Series washing machines cover what Candy class as using the "Cuore" board which is Italian for "heart".
Machine stopped with led next to 'cold wash' button was flashing 3 times every 5 read more.At one point I had the start button orange, and the other lights flashing.Hi, I have a Hoover Optima 6kg 1600AAA OPH 616 Set to A59 min wash, got to first spin, drained water, but didn't spin.Hoover optima 616 when turned to wash it fills momentarily then stops.If they make hp735 digital owners manual a mistake they have to pay for a replacement board, if you make a mistake then it would be you paying for it and it's not worth the risk.Please, don't guess or assume as spares can be altered on a production run with the same model number having several different alternative components used.Hi there, put on ordinary wash when cycle was finished I tried to put it to a longer spin.Please also note that many of the codes highlight that wiring faults can cause the error being reported, this can include faulty or dirty connections as well as physical wiring damage or loose connection blocks etc.It's fed the Drain Pump, until "empty tank" Pressostat's condition.At first it left water in the drum and did not drain correctly.Daniel senior service enginner, high School or GED 15,493 satisfied customers, hi I am wondering if you can help I have a Hoover OPH(NNN) NNN-nnnn.
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Error 0, faulty coreboard electronic module, check connections to main control module.Hi, My Hover Optima oph616 machine starts a cycle, but will not drain or spin although the drum does turn.Hi Daniel I have optima oph 616, by the look it stopped in mid wash, has 3 flashing lights ( door look, spin, time delay) forming a triangle, flashing aprox in sync every second Any ideas would be gra read more.Daniel senior service enginner, high School or GED 15,493 satisfied customers, i have a Zanussi Essential 1600 6kg washing machineith a few.Daniel, home Appliance Technician, high School or GED 18,434 satisfied customers, hoover optima 616 when turned to wash it fills momentarily.I removed the clothes and turned it off o read more Kelly Owner/Technician High School or GED 27,641 satisfied customers Hoover Optima 616 fills pauses then fills again till nearly Hoover Optima 616 fills pauses then fills again till nearly full then empties completely then repeats.Hoover Optima Washing Machine Range Diagnostic Routine.The fault codes for the models with an induction motor are slightly different and listed in a seperate article.Hi pearl, I have a optima 614 washing machine, the machine won't complete a full cycle, cold wash button flashes three times, have checked the outlet, checked the sensors, wires etc, any idea what cou read more.For more help and advice on fault finding on a washing machine please refer to our basic fault finding guide from this link before you begin.O read more Drcool Home Appliance Technician husky tools lithium driver Bachelor's Degree 469 satisfied customers I have a Hoover optima washing machine-OPH 716DF.