Celestron nexstar 114gt manual

celestron nexstar 114gt manual

This is not difficult, and you can clean the inside of the corrector plate while you have it off.
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The higher the magnification the smaller the "sweet spot" is when focusing.
There is also a lot of stuff on arm cortex a8 instruction manual CloudyNights (above) regarding this subject.Love Astronomy and Saving Money?Some opinion has it as being worthwhile to also get the secondary mirror centered on the corrector, and the corrector then centered in the end casting.Posted on Jan 24, 2014, be the first to answer 1 Answer, focus knob will not work.Oops : Please try again.SkyProdigy Series, lCM Series, nexStar GPS Series, nexStar GT, StarSeeker and Tasco StarGuide.M, to fix this you will have to take the front corrector plate off, find the nut rattling around in there, and tighten it back onto the end of the focuser rod, as shown in the diagram.I agree (required sign Up Save, my Cart.NexStar 5i/8i/8i Special Edition, nexStar 5/8 (the original NexStar.You will be able to see the planets as disks, and even features on the planets, such as the bands on Jupiter, the rings of Saturn and the phases of Venus, and also moons around some planets.Center the top in the eyepiece of the main scope- then without moving the scope center the red dot on the same exact spot on the telephone pole.I would simply return the scope and get another one- if the scope is new.Answered on Jul 07, 2011 1 Answer Hand control comes up with bintangchris: error 16 indicates a bad Hand controller, you may need to buy another one, also check all your connections going to the head so error 16/17 indicates the HC cant communicate with.Answered on Mar 19, 2011 1 Answer I cannot see anything from Take the scope outside during the day time and practice focusing on a distant object.
The only precaution is to mark where the corrector plate was, and replace it at the same orientation.
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There is a threaded shaft and locknut which had become loose.
A telescope will however show you stars and other objects that are too dim to see with the naked eye.
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Make sure your batteries are NEW and or you use a separate 12 volt power pack.It will need to be returned to Celestron for repairs.Point the scope at a distant object like the top of a telephone pole.Shop around your district.If you don't see your manual listed, let me know.The hand controller does a motor test when it powers.I can't say what step(s) you have missed, but clearly even if the scope thinks it is pointed at the moon, if you can't see the moon, it is NOT pointed there.Use the eyepiece with the largest number written on it - turn the focuser left and or right slowly until you get a sharp image.P?article_id594 ml m ml, celestron.All of the manuals are on the Celestron web site here-.

You can also try a new hand controller cable maybe the one you have is broken which is a common problem.
You will need a special cable from Celestron to update the firmware.
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